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Rise  &  Bloom
1-2-1 Mentorship Programme with Rachel

Healing and Empowerment through Flower Essences, Meditation and Spiritual Coaching

My love, you are invited on a 4-month mentorship journey into unlocking the Powerful Feminine Codes within you, & begin living in the fullest alignment with your purpose & truest fulfilment.

Flower Essences are a high vibrational remedy created to your support your mind, body and soul healing.
Here's some examples of how they will help you:



Borage flower essence will support you in feeling upliftment and rising rooted.

It draws the earth/root energy upwards through you, drawing up the earth's vitality to encourage you to feel brave and courageous.


Eucalyptus encourages you to expand as if you have taken a full, deep breath into your heart, body & soul while being securely anchored in peace. It will have to clear pathways to allow divine source energy and knowledge to flow through you. This essence will help you to clear ancestral and karmic patterns with your masculine lineage.   

Marshmallow flower essence brings calm to the body. It offers to support you in relaxing and softening emotions that keep us tight and armoured. 

It has a soothing effect on your spiritual and emotional body, which can in turn release tension associated with frustration, anger and rigidity.

marshmallow flower.jpg

Red Cedar Tree Essence will bring you a deep sense of safety and security. 

It will anchor you into your body which will in turn support you in making clear and conscious choices. You will feel supported in embodying your natural rhythms and addressing your individual needs.

red cedar.jpg

Each Flower Essence has a UNIQUE healing and message for you!

When combined into a formula specifically designed for you and your needs, desires and dreams, they are LIFE CHANGING!


"Being Vibrant, Joyful and Fulfilled is your

birthright and Mother Nature will help

you to remember that anything

is possible when you choose you!" ~ Rachel


It is time to embody the woman you were born to be

~ joy-filled, heart centred, abundant & empowered ~

This is all possible right now! 

This is an exclusive high-level mentorship program and this is the most intimate & deepest way to work with me over a customised 4-Month Mentorship container.


What does the mentorship involve?


~  4 x 60-90minutes online consultations via Zoom every 4 -5 weeks. This is a chance for you and Rachel to chat and discuss your needs, desires, and life path and to discover which Flower Essences and healing tools can best serve you at this time.

~ 3 x Flower Essence Personalised formulas, made by Rachel, via post, which you be required to take daily


~ Exclusive mini-course on 'How to connect to your flower guide' with pdf's and audio journeys'

~ Feedback and consultation notes, with practical homework to do between each Mentorship Call, including personalised recorded Guided Meditations or Goddess Journey for you to listen to and keep.

~ 121 Support via Email/ Signal in between Mentorship Calls

~ Lifetime access to discounts on Online Courses & Online Shop products

A 4 month commitment is recommended from you as this is the time that is ideally needed to create the sacred container for healing, stabilizing energy and alignment. Rachel supports you during this period and we can reflect on your journey & progress.



We have two options for you:

Please note that international-non UK clients will be charged more for extra P&P fees and we will meet every 6 - 7 weeks rather than 4-5 weeks, to allow for essence arrival. 








Option 1: Daisy Package 

A one-off Flower Essence Consultation only.

This option includes 1x Zoom Consultation and 1 personalised formula including p&p.

This option also includes a 1x  personalised recorded 40- 60minute Goddess Journey or Meditation to keep 

This option is offered at a rate of £123 per session. ( International - non-UK cost: £145)


Option 2: Sunflower Package  ~ 4 Mentorship Container

This option includes

~ 4 x Zoom Consultations every 4-5 weeks

~ 3 Personalised formulas with p&p

~ Your personalised Meditation recordings are sent monthly via email.

~ Unlimited support via signal or email

~ Lifetime discount on online courses and events

THIS IS OUR RECOMMENDED COMMITMENT to reach your highest potential healing! 

£343 for a full 4-month commitment of 4 sessions

(can be paid in 2 instalments of £180 on request)

International - non-UK cost of £444 or two installments of £230)

It is also possible to book for a 6-month 121 flower essence experience! Please enquire to find out more

Book/ Enquire Here 

Experience a Flower Essence Journey & Meditation here 

(This is the type of journey you will receive monthly as part of the 121 coaching)


Please be aware that Rachel takes limited numbers of 121 clients per month. This is to ensure that you receive the best possible service. 


I share more about Flower Essences below. 



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Lisa testimonal flower essence.png
rise and bloom testo from ALI october 2023.png

What are Flower Essences?


Prefer to listen, rather than read? What my Youtube video here 'What are Flower Essences?'


Flower Essences are energetic and vibrational remedies and take a holistic approach that supports your spiritual, emotional and physical body. They do this by working with your energetic system, assisting your chakras in the release of imprints, wounds, patterns, limitations and traumas. 

They are derived from living plants and formulated into a liquid, energetic, vibrational remedy. 

They are a powerful but subtle natural remedy that offers you emotional repair and healing while reconnecting you to Mother Earth. When you ingest Flower Essences you are receiving plant medicine that is steeped in ancient wisdom, earth wisdom and your body, heart and soul will naturally respond with knowing, recognition and joy of returning to home, centre, truth. 


Each Essence and Formula is created by Rachel with loving intention, communication, co-creation with Nature, with respect, honour and consideration of the sustainability of the planet and her resources. Only small amounts of the actual plant are used, we work with the energetics, vibrational and soul energy of the plants. 

Please be aware that the formulas do include the use of very small amounts Brandy. If you have any concerns about the use of Alcohol please share this in the consultation. 


Flower Essences are liquid, energetic remedies derived from living flowers. Basically what that means is that they move and shift your vibration. Another way to look at this is to think about how each person has a spirit or essence. The same is true for every flower, tree, plant. So, when you ingest a flower essence, you are met spirit to spirit.

Most of us are looking for ways to exist and relate in the world in conscious and authentic ways. But sometimes we find ourselves cut off from love (when we don’t want to!!), saying Yes when we want to say No, caretaking others at the expense of our own health, fearing judgement by others… and on and on. Flower essences shift deep-seated beliefs and patterns that have often imprinted in childhood and are still “in charge” into adulthood. They work to bring not only an awareness but also to release patterns from the subconscious to the conscious mind so that healing can occur.


Flower Essences have been used for centuries in many cultures for healing, ceremony, for spiritual development. Most recently, a British physician, bacteriologist, and homoeopath named Dr Edward Bach reintroduced them into our modern-day culture.


Flower Essences are distributed in small dropper bottles. After the bottle is shaken gently, a few drops are taken under the tongue several times during the day. Flower Essences can also be sprayed or rubbed on parts of the body such as the inside of the wrists, the soles of the feet or the back of the neck. They can also be added to bathwater. The response to taking Flower Essences varies person to person. Some people report immediate and profound results, and others may perceive slight shifts in well-being and in mental-emotional.

Please don't hesitate to message with any further questions!



What is the difference between Flower Essences and Essential oils?
Flower Essences and Essential Oils can often get confused because of the word essence or essential. They are both plant medicines but are different in their use and creation. Essential Oils are extracted through a process of steam distillation where the oil and waters are separated from the physical plant. Essential oils have a smell and their uses vary from Flower Essences. Flower Essences are created through a process of Solarization whereby a flower or leaf’s essence is infused into water through the Sun’s rays. They have no smell and are ingested internally. They are used for emotional healing.


Will Flower Essences interfere with my meditation?

No, Flower Essences will not interfere with any medication you are already taking. As they are energetic and vibrational they will not inhibit the chemical effects of medication. You can continue to use both as the same time. One of the wonderful things about Flower Essences is that there is no negative side effects!   


Interested in a workshop or talk?


Rachel is also able to offer an introductory talk or workshop for your community or charity group.

Talks and workshops can range from 45 - 60 minutes.

For more info including prices and how to book click here 

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