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About Rachel

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A warm welcome to you,

I am so glad you are here and welcome you warmly into our sisterhood. 

I deeply honour who you are and where you are.

You belong, you are loved and you are of value.

Remember this always.


I believe there is a dance for everyone!

Whether this be of the body . . . 

of the heart . . .

or of the soul . . .

I aim to facilitate a space for all to discover their unique pathway in returning to centre. 

With my deepest love and gratitude, Rachel xxx

Rachel is a sacred dance teacher, event leader, historian, priestess and women's empowerment and self-love coach.

She is the founder and principal teacher of Under the Dancing Tree School of Sacred Dance and Healing.

Rachel facilitates events, workshops, courses and training online and in-person which inspire, empower and support women in their devotion to self-love and their connection to the earth, nature and their sacred self. 

Rachel has been guiding & teaching women for over 16 years. She infuses spirituality into her dance and teachings to impassion, empower, and inspire students to deeply understand the meaning of divine love embodied and to explore dance as a powerful means to express emotion, facilitate spiritual healing, and embrace womanhood. Using her own journey and over 20 years of experience and training she makes the connection between soul and movement to create within you an artist of life and love, not just a dancer.


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More of Rachel's story - (transcript from an Interview in 2019 where Rachel shared about her path)


"When I was 16 I began teaching belly dance classes after school, in my school gym, not having any idea really what was yet to come on my journey! I just knew I had to share belly dance, and I knew it was an incredible gift to women and girls. I personally had found it incredibly healing and empowering, I was encouraged by the dance to enjoy, be curious, and celebrate my body and fully embrace my femininity and sensuality. Society and peer pressure were not giving me that same message and my gut instinct knew which of those two paths it wanted to take!  Fast forward two years and when I was 18 I lead my first dance meditation, there was something within me that knew the healing, empowerment, and joy of belly dancing could go deeper, could create and facilitate more for the women I was teaching in my weekly technique class. 
It has been such a journey since then. Since my belly dance beginnings 17 years ago I have facilitated and created so many different offerings, courses, and workshops; fusing my dance and sound healing training with a deep connection to nature and my experiences on the priestess path. All with the same deep root and heart intention ~ of enjoying and celebrating the gift of our sacred body and feminine self.
I feel very, very deeply that if there is something that we can offer to the world that brings, opens, awakens more love, more joy, more understanding, more support, and more choice then we must share that. I am truly passionate and dedicated to what I do and to you."


We need to love and support each other, we need to love and support the earth; neither us nor the earth will last forever so how can we celebrate, show up and offer our love while we are able?





About Under the Dancing Tree & the logo

I adore trees. Before I began to like humans, I loved trees. They have been and are my best friends, my shelter, my inspiration. Growing up I had two particular trees in the garden, a pear tree and a willow that were my guardians. They were my first encounters with magic, my companions, my hideouts and one was even my developed and extensive hotel for fairies and squirrels (even at 6 I wanted a retreat centre!!) So I always knew a tree had to be involved in my School branding! 
I've always had this image of my offerings as women hand in hand dancing under and around a tree, like a maypole, in sisterhood, in support, in community, laughing, smiling, celebrating, rejoicing! THIS is what I try to and hope to create.

So I invite you to dance, sit, listen, question, play, explore, awaken, breathe, be, with me Under the Dancing Tree

The UTDT image is of three women, all unique in their beauty, shape, direction and dance. They are individual trees, with their own place and purpose but with roots touching, saying 'together we are grounded, supported, held and belong with the earth and each other'. Their branches reach out but also weave together, crowns of glory, shelter, and creation. The three women also represent the three stages of life; maiden, mother and crone, the stages we all experience in our lives, and in our monthly cycles. These are the three archetypes we create from whether we are mothering and birthing a new idea, home or a baby, or approaching with innocence the joy of playing in the sand or sharing with another the wisdom we have gained from an experience. These are central to all women, our blueprint, our guides and our muses and central to my work and offerings.




- Charlotte Smith 

'I have attended a number of classes and workshops with Rachel and I've thoroughly enjoyed them.

She is passionate about what she does; helping people on their own, personal journey through the medium of dance and/or meditation. 

I love the community spirit and sisterhood, she has created. Women, not forgetting the occasional man, coming together and supporting one another in a safe space.

For me, I think the main thing is that Rachel encourages you to accept you, for who you are, which is a refreshing change in a society that is constantly telling you you're not good enough. She helps you to find ways to work with love and understanding, towards yourself. 

If you're thinking about trying one of her classes or workshops, but worried or afraid, I encourage you to take the leap and do it.'



'I stumbled across Rachel during a really dark time in my life and she has been an absolute lighthouse for me!

I honestly had no idea what to do, or even who I was anymore, but Rachel has been a considerate, compassionate and kind guide, ally and teacher in finding hope and life again.

So often I have come across teachers that are all love and light but Rachel did not hesitate to hold my hand through the darkness, she got right into the muck and the mess with me and helped me to see the transformation possible there.

She is authentic and real, she will ask you to do the work and no less than show up for you but I am a witness to say it is worth it.

Thank you Rachel. Your kindness continues to be felt deeply. 

I am so glad I found you! .'


~ Lisa Faulkirk 

Dance Alchemy

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