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3 Part Online Summer Solstice Celebration
With Rachel (UTDT School for Wolf Woman Risign official launch)


Borage Flower Essence Journey

Part 1. Your guided meditation audio for healing with Borage Flower Essence.

It is the first part of our 3-day journey for Summer Solstice and I send it today to coincide with the New Moon in Gemini and Lunar Solstice.


This New Moon and Lunar Solstice on Sunday 18th June (05:37AM BST) is all about dreaming, imagination, and letting yourself sail through the possibilities and potentials that are available to you.

So let yourself relax, surrender and be held and healed by Borage Essence. Flower essences are the divine part of the plant, they meet you soul to soul and this journey with raise your vibration, and awaken the divine codes of courage, bravery and positivity within you.



🌺 Here is a reminder of how Borage Flower Essence will support you:


"Borage Flower Essence brings a surge of courage so that you can move forward in your life with more daring and bravery. This flower essence brings energy from the root chakra upwards, bringing vitality and upliftment."




Here are your sacred steps:


💜 Download the audio via the link attached

💙 Create a sacred space and time to enjoy - somewhere you won't be disturbed and can fully relax

💚 You may want to light a candle, and have a journal with you for making any notes afterwards

💛 Let go, listen and receive 


The recording is approximately 30 minutes long.

00:00 / 29:39

Journey with Goddess Fortuna Replay

Here are some reminders before we begin:

~ Make sure you are somewhere you can be comfy and undisturbed

~ You may want to bring with you 

⭐ a candle and a lighter

⭐ your journal and a pen for any notes afterwards

⭐ anything that for you represents or amplifies feelings of abundance, such as crystals (carnelian, citrine, diamond), any flower essences, essential oils, incense, any wishes, dreams or desires written down on a piece of paper that you would like the Goddess to bless

Abundance Activation Guided Meditation

💥☀️💥 Please find below the link to the 3rd offering for our Summer Solstice gathering.

The Abundance Activation Meditation with Goddess Lakshmi  


Here are your steps:

💜 Download the audio journey, to keep and listen as many times as you wish! 

💙 Create a space for yourself that is comfy and free from disruption

💚 You may want to light a candle and how any items with you that you feel may support your journey. You may also want to include any items sacred to Lakshmi, such as an image/statue, lotus, elephant, pink/blue, water

💛 Sit back, relax and enjoy! The recording is approximately 60minutes



Enjoy the recording: 

  • Tuesday - Solstice eve

  • Wednesday - Calender and Solar Summer Solstice - Sun Gemini 3:58pm (BST) for the exact moment

  • While you sleep as guided hypnosis and heal/activate while you sleep

  • Anytime you need a reminder or affirmation of your natural and holistic abundance! 

You are Abundance ~ Audio Guided Meditation with Rachel WWR
00:00 / 1:15:49

 Please remember that this page will close end of Saturday 24th June. Please make sure you have watched all the content by then! 

Thank you for joining me to celebrate the official launch of Wolf Woman Rising Wisdom School! Our next event will be for Autumn Equinox or join us for the book launch of LUPA in November.

With much love, 
Rachel xx

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