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Since the beginning of time The Feminine & The Moon have cycled in Unison.

The Cosmic Dance.

Ebb & Flow,

Rhythm & Transition,

Transformation & Manifestation,

This is her soul song. It is yours.


It is time to reclaim your luminous self.

The call of the wild, the lover, the wise woman.

Can you hear it?

You are the Woman who KNOWS.

She knows her ability to awaken her deepest hopes, dreams & desires. 

She will now reclaim her rightness, purpose and belonging. 

She remembers that she is uniquely connected and intrinsically linked with the stars, the moon, the cosmos, the elements, and the earth.

She IS you!

and you are ready to ILLUMINATE!


For thousands of years, in many traditions & cultures, the link between what is going on within and what is happening in the sky have been explored.

Now it is your turn.



Join us for a nourishing & illuminating 7-week journey to explore, align and embody your inner and outer lunar cycles.

Are you interested in understanding: 

~ How to live your life in flow rather than conflict with your natural cycle and rhythms as Woman?

Have you ever said 'Ugh I hate my period/ my period is so inconvenient/ resented the fact you bleed?

I will help you to LOVE your period, to celebrate it when it comes and to work with it, not against it.

You will learn how your period adds to and ENRICHES your life!

You will also learn about practices to support the feminine functions of the body, such as menstrual cramps, regulating periods and supporting your bleed, making it something you look forward to!

~ How to take back your power and your authority of your body?

Have you ever felt like a victim within your own body? That your body is separate to you, ruled by others conditions and you feel powerless?

That society/partners/ parents have more authority about what you do/look like or choose?

I will guide you to begin making choices FOR YOU! You will be the authority on what happens to your body and how it is treated and respected!

You will know the uniqueness of you and feel empowered to make decisions from a place of confidence and trust.

You will become POWERFUL, letting go of judgements & conditions of your body, feminity and life.  

~ The needs of your body and remembering how it is intrinsically connected to the natural world and Mother Earth?

Have you ever called yourself too much, too little, too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet.

Just not what you want or should be?

What if you could know and stand for your sovereignty? What if you could confidently and joyously say that you are as beautiful and valuable as the flowers in you see in nature?

What if when you looked at the moon and stars and could say I am made of the same essence and just as valuable?

~ During our 8 weeks you will truly harness your sexual, creative and feminine power.

You will discover the importance of opening your body to invite life force energy to flow through you in order to create the life and connection you desire.

~ Creating feminine ritual and prioritising self-care?

Do you feel able to prioritize self-care? Or do you feel lost knowing what to do and how?

This course will give you resources, guidance and practical everyday applications and ideas of how to care and look after you and how to receive love, nourishment and take supportive action.

You will find something that works for you and become pro-active in discovering what lights you up!

~ Learning more about the Moon & the Feminine in Ancient & Modern wisdom and exploring the myth and stories of Lunar Goddesses?

Do you wonder how you fit into life? Perhaps feel like you are wandering or waiting for something to validate you or give you purpose? 

In this course, you will connect with your feminine lineage and ancestral wisdom to increase a sense of belonging and affirm your identity, purpose and feelings of community, connection and validity.

You will know that you are meant to be here and you will confidently step forward claiming you rightness supported by a clearer and deeper connection to your inner wisdom! 


If you are interested in any or all of this

Then this course is for you!

This course is your answer!!

Your search is over - And I am so excited for you!!! 

This course delivers weekly lessons and guidance to help you develop LIFE-LONG practices and tools for greater connection with your body and feminine essence.

Course Includes:

~ 8 x 2 hours LIVE weekly calls with Rachel including Moon Wisdom Tansmitions and Wisdom Sharing, Guided Meditation & Goddess Journeys.

~ Weekly Journal & activity prompts and guidance for deepening practice

~ Private Facebook group/ Signal Messenger group for community, sharing and support.

~ Online Membership site which allows you to catch up and access replays, course information in your own time

~ Introduction to the Moon mysteries  - menstrual cycle charting and moon cycle observation and ritual - chart your sacred cycle with a moon map (please note your can still track your energetic cycle even if you no longer bleed)

~ Learn about the archetypes of woman, the seasons, the elements and the goddess mysteries, myth and legend in relation to our monthly cycle and that of the moon

~ 6 x 90minute Moon Movement Meditations. Dancing with the energies of the moon phase and feminine archetypes for freedom, ease, joy, pleasure and fun!



Course Outline:

Week 1: Opening

~ Meet Rachel & your group

~ Intention Setting

~ Guided Moon Meditation

Week 2: New Beginings ~ New Moon

~ Your Moon & lunar cycles

~ Learn more about moon phase, the elements and your astrology

Week 3: Ancient Moon ~ Waxing Moon

~ Myth, legend and archetypes

~ The Moon and the Feminine in Herstory.

Week 4: The Magic Within ~ Full Moon

~ Lunar Living and Moon practices

Week 5: Moon of Sword & Fire ~ Waning Moon

~ Lunar wisdom & symbology for healing & creation

Week 6: Wisdom Keeper ~ Dark Moon

~ Reclaiming your body. Period.

~ Menstural guidance, charting and exploration

Week 7: A New Cycle ~ Cresent Moon

~ Deepening your lunar practices and embodying in everyday life

Week 8: Integration & Graduation 

~ Every end is a new beginning

~ Guided Moon Meditation

Each week with have a MOON GUIDE GODDESS that supports us through each Portal.

They will hold the container of protection & manifestation and you will learn more about their myth & historic manifestation and their unique healing & wisdom for you.

Guides include: Goddesses Arianrhod, Selene, Diana, Nephthys and many more!

Weekly Live Calls will be on Thursdays and Wednesdays.

All calls are recorded and you will have 1 month in which you can catch up.


Please note.

This Course runs only once a year.


This is to allow for 121 support & guidance


Next Course begins 1st week of March 2021 

First LIVE session Thursday 4th March


Applications are being taken now ~ Deadline to apply: Sunday 28th February

 Apply here now



You may also be interested in 

Combining 'The Moon Mysteries Course' with

The Elemental Mysteries 7 week Course

May - July 2022

Calls also on Thursday  and Elemental Dance Wednesday 

More details here

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Who is your guide and facilitator Rachel?

Rachel has been deeply working with the Lunar Mysteries since her early teens.

Her own story began just after her 9th birthday when her first period begun without any understanding of the gift, power, potential and beauty behind this beginning. After many years of being the recipient of bullying for her young but feminine body she decided to relcaim her sacred self and began to take her body back into her own hands through lunar dance & connection..

Rachel.combines her skills of storytelling & healing with 15 years of experience in teaching belly dance, sacred dance healing, meditation and women's empowerment and self-love coaching,

She also has a deep respect for and interest in research in ancient history, with both a Degree and Masters in History & Anthropology with the Universities of Chester and Birmingham.

Find out more by visiting here

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Rachel, thank you so much for yet again a truly wonderful workshop. 

It was both emotional and exhilarating!  I have taken so many good things away with me, not least the joy of connecting with other women and the strength and support both you and they have offered me. 

Once again I thank you and salute you for the difference you make in the world and my world'

~ Ch.M 

How do you dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat?



Rhythm is life force.

Have you felt that moment when drumming or dancing/listening to drums and it arouses your instinct, your ancient connection to a deeper self and knowing, perhaps some may call it our wild or primal self but I call it our truth, our soul song.



There is the rhythm of our culture and homeland ~ inherited and formatted ways of transitioning and being 

There is the rhythm of our ancestors ~ their voices and experiences moving through our DNA 

There is the rhythm of the earth ~ her cry or whispers to stewardship, companionship, for help and offering

There is a rhythm of our hopes, dreams, goals and desires ~ calling us passionately forward, to place, time and companionship



All call us to dance in some way, to express, manifest, remember, to be still or fastmoving.


We may feel compelled by these rhythms, tugged, or pulled, this way and that.

Sometimes it can feel like being in the centre of a whirlwind, any step towards when and you will be whisked off in that direction. 


But there is the eye of the storm, in the stillness, is the rhythm on our bodies, the drumbeat of our heart.

There is the rhythm we choose and create.

When we take the drum into our own hands, listen to the call of heart, feet, womb and soul we manifest the rhythm that best supports our unique expression and divine truth now, here in the present.


The guide I have found most supportive in hearing this beat is the Moon.

Her Lunar rhythms do not run on linear time, mans time, clocks ticking time.

She circles and spirals.

She circles and transitions through death and rebirth.


There is not just forward and back.

There are phases and star signs, internal and external, ebb and flow.

She creates a tapestry of mix and match, creating mood, energy, magic.


By diving into the Lunar Mysteries we find that our rhythm reflects this.

With the moon as your guide 

I invite you to explore your rhythm.

Play with what you know, be curious, find balance and patterns.

But most of all dance to your own rhythm.

Listen and dance.








With Lunar love, Rachel xxx 

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