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You are born of the elements.
To know them is to know your very essence.
Woman of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

You are called now to embody that which lies within.
To explore your landscapes; the inner hills, valleys, waters and volcanoes.

To hold space for your divine purpose and truth.
To fly on the winds of change and possibility.
To embrace the fires of transformation & transmutation.
To flow and cleanse with the waters of the sacred feminine.
To ground, build and create your life as your own garden of paradise.

Join us for a 7-week online programme of Elemental Activation, Alchemy and Embodiment.

This course is all about you connecting to YOUR earth and listening to the elements by letting them guide you through consciousness in the under, middle, and upper worlds. 💧🌿🔥


~ 7 x LIVE calls exploring the Elements and their contribution and meaning for you in your life, health, astrology, relationship, empowerment and self-love. (& the recordings to keep)

~ Embody the Elements through 5 Live Movement Healing sessions ~ 'The Elements Dancing' (Rachel's Elemental Dance Healing Course, exclusive to this course and the Elements Retreat.)

~ Discover your elemental guides, meet the elementals and work with them for healing and to receive their wisdom.

~ Learn practical ways, rituals, practices to connect and work with the Elements within and without. Receive the wisdom and the healing of Mother Nature so you can live your most vibrant, fulfilled and joy-filled life.

~Guided Meditations and Journeys with Elemental Goddesses and Guides.

~ Personalised Elemental & Flower Essence Formula to take during our journey (Value £33)

 May ~ July 2022

Cost: £444
(or 3 instalments of £160)

Doors open April 2022 ~ Applications considered beforehand and can be booked in combination with 'The Moon Mysteries' 8-week course for an exclusive discount
Or our Elemental Weekend Retreats Elemental by Nature 


Brief Course Outline


Week 1: 

Introduction and Guided Meditation

~ Discover your unique Elemental coding and meet your Elemental Guides 

Week 2: Element of Ether

Week 3: Element of Air

Week 4: Element of Fire

Week 5: Element of Water

Week 6: Element of Earth

Week 7: 

Graduation and Integration 

I believe that you are made OF this earth, not just living on it and so are a sacred and holy being that can honour life and this planet, by honouring who you are where, are and are meant to be.

 Each of us hold coded desires to connect deeper with our earth-based wisdom. Thousands of years ago, we worked with the elements AND honoured the divine feminine. Now these sacred practices are being birthed once again.

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