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That which you Love, Grows

The Love Mysteries Course 

A 8-week self-love activation, working with earth medicine, Goddess mysteries, Movement healing, Ritual and Meditation.   
This is deep dive into Ancient wisdom and modern practice to activate and embody your love codes. You will be guided by the Love Goddesses from Freya to Aphrodite, receiving their wisdom and healing.
When you commit to the course, you are committing in devotion to you, you are declaring your worth and value and taking those steps in your great returning to self-love & sacred service to your path.
In doing so you will attract more and deeper love into your life! 
This will be the start of your greatest love story yet.   
Next enrollment opens July 2021
Running September - October 2021 
Spaces limited to 15 women to enable 121 support.
Please arrange your 121 call here: 

" Your open heart is the most powerful vessel of transformation, of receiving divine light and empowering it with love"

~ Mary Magdalene in 'Mary Magdalene Beckons'.

Your LOVE Goddess Guides

Week 1: Introduction & Guided Meditation


Week 2: Goddess Aphrodite                                             Week 3: Goddess Freya

               Love Your Body                                                                     Love and the Warrior









Week 4: Goddess Rhiannon                                               Week 5: Goddess Hathor

              Love and divine Masculine                                                  Love your Purpose                                                            

Week 6:  Mother Mary                                                          Week 7: Goddess Ceres

                Mother of Love                                                                     Earth Partnership













Week 8: Integration & Graduation

Module 1: Love Your Body

~ Experience supported engagement of the five senses and your sensual self to bring more ease, pleasure and passion into your life.

~ Explore how to eat, move, live like a Goddess and attract & embody beauty!  

~ Learn how to love your body and see your body as beautiful, your sensuality as sacred and your emotions as a gift.

Course Includes:
~ 9 x Live 120minute Activation Calls & recordings to keep forever!
~ Online Group & Platform with course materials and sharing circles 
~ Flower Essence Formula 

You will also receive a Flower Essence Formula to take during the course.

(Value £44)

The formula is custom made by Rachel, calling in the spirits of Plant allies to support your mind, body and soul for integration, embodiment and healing of your divine feminine essence.


" If Grass can grow through cement, then you can find you at any time in your life!' ~ Cher

Three Women