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Spirit of Apple 


What is Spirit of Apple and how can it support you?

The Celtic Wheel of the Year and Tree Ogham.


Apple is the 10th Tree of the Celtic Tree Ogham and our guide for the time of Lammas or Lughnasadh. It is the tree of abundance, gratitude, generosity and the tree of the otherworld.

 The wisdom of this Tree Ogham is to remind us of the great power of giving, that in giving we surrender to the flow of abundance.  Do not hesitate in giving but trust that all that you give will be returned and replenished.  Celebrate all that you have, knowing that you are provided for and remember that you are worthy to receive, do not try to rationalise and find ways to justify yourself as being worthy of receiving, just know that you are in your true essence.   

Spirit of Apple 

The apple orchard is often seen as the portal or place of transition between mortal and other worlds, between this dimension and that of the fae or alternatively of the afterlife. 


It is also associated with the Goddesses of Love such as Venus and Rhiannon. In ancient Welsh mythology, Rhiannon is the Lady of the orchard, which is the place that links this reality and the otherworld. She is also, as Mother Goddess, and Queen of the Fae by birth and Queen of these lands by marriage, she is the protector of those who wise to travel and transition between here and there.  

In the Welsh poem Avellanau Merlin has a secret magical orchard of his own that he can enter at will but keeps safe and secret in his pocket. 


The apple itself is a portal to otherworld. Remember for example the apple in Snow White, from which one bite leads to an altered state, a loss of innocence and illusion, to inner depths of knowing and understanding, it is in some levels symbolic of our psyche. 

A further example of this is the Apple in the bible - here again it is a catalyst for change, a symbol of transition, a portal to other. 


Apple is a threshold guardian spirit, one of ends and beginnings


It holds the seeds of potential, of new growth and calls you back to your abundant nature, where you know that you are a point of potential and possibility rather than limitation.



Therefore apple can be a symbol of

  • potential

  • possibility

  • abundance

  • transition

  • change

  • Lifting of the veil - of illusion or disillusion

Goddess Pamona

Pomona is the Roman Goddess of fruiting trees and orchards. She watches over and protects fruit trees and cares for their cultivation, and in fact Her name is from the Latin pomum, fruit. She is an expert in pruning and grafting, and was so absorbed in this labor of love that She turned away many suitors, including Priapos and Silenos, Who was part of the entourage of Dionysos. But Vertumnus, the God of gardens and orchards, persisted, and finally won Her by appearing to Her in His own true beauty (as rosy as an apple is how it is put!).


Pomona and Her husband Vertumnus were listed among the Numina, or guardian spirits of Roman mythology, Who watched over people or over aspects of the home or fields, in Their case, of course, orchards and gardens. She had Her own priest in Rome, the flamen Pomonalis, and a grove sacred to Her called the Pomonal was located not far from Ostia, the old port of Rome.


Pamona appearing to you or her symbology of the apple indicates a time of fruitfulness, or the promise of fruitfulness if proper care is taken. A garden of yours (metaphorical or literal) will bloom and thrive.



As an essence is reminds us of our dreams and visions, bringing clarity and support in actualising them. It guides us through the threshold of endings and new beginnings by guiding us to let go of anything that holds you back or limits you from stepping into your full potential and manifesting your dreams.


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