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Isis & Nephthys Recorded Journeys ~ ILLUMINATION , INTEGRATION and REVELATION Package ~ Guided Meditation Journey x3 Recordings

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PART 1: ILLUMINATION ~ Goddess Journey & Guided Meditation ~ Event RECORDING ~ Inner Wisdom Healing & Discovery with Nephthys - 70minutes


PART 2: INTEGRATION ~ Goddess Journey & Guided Meditation ~ Event RECORDING ~ Integrate Light & Shadow with Isis & Nephthys - 70minutes


PART 3: REVELATION ~ Goddess Journey and Guided Meditation ~ Event recording ~ Receive Divine Revelation with Isis and the Honey Bees ~ 70minutes


Part 1

ILLUMINATION ~ Recording of Guided Meditation & Journey with Goddesses' Isis and Nephthys for connecting to your Inner Light and Wisdom.

Join Rachel as she leads you on a healing visualisation through Ancient Egypt mythology, landscape and magic to shine a light into the places of your heart and soul that need greater understanding, ease, compassion and transformation.

A chance to relax & be supported and held by Goddess Wisdom & Healing.

Part 2

INTEGRATION ~ Recording of Guided Meditation & Journey with Goddesses' Isis and Nephthys for connecting to integrate the shadow and light within.

Step into your Light, Embrace your Shadow

Join Rachel for a integration of shadow and light with a Guided Goddess Journey

Relax as you are guided through the veils to Ancient Egypt and travel across timelines, spaces and dimensions

Rachel will facilitate a guided journey and meditation for you, creating a space of safety and exploration where you are held in allowance, love, and truth.

Meeting each Goddess you will explore the themes and lessons of her (your) story and mythology and discover her message and experience what is needed for your soul journey and your life path right now.



Receive divine revelation with Isis and the Honey Bees,

A guided alchemical meditation to receive the healing and wisdom of the sacred nectar of divine revelation!

Let the divine nectar from the sacred honey bees reveal the gold within your own being, remember and reaffirm your own value, worth and beauty.

What will be revealed behind the distortions and limitations of judgement and condition? What is your truth? And how is your true self your greatest gift?

This journey is for you if you are ready to honour and embody all that you are and all that you can be.


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