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Sage Smudge Sticks 


I love Sage but . . .



I also love to know where it has come from, that it has given me permission to harvest it and that it is exploitation free!!!


All the shops have the regular Palo Santo and White Sage but the more I have researched them and felt into it, there is something that just stops me from buying.

For the last few years I have been growing and creating my own homemade sage and herb sticks. There are several reasons for this:

Advantages of growing and harvesting sage from your garden:


~    You can create and pick with intention, respect and reverence. You know it has been lovingly collected, not by machines. Can you imagine the difference it makes energetically to have it cared for with a loving, gentle touch rather than the energetics of machine production?


~    There isn't hundreds or thousand or air miles to get the sage to you! If I can help it I wouldn't want to add to air pollution/traffic when I can grow a plant perfectly well in my garden. The sage is also so far from home I wonder if it feels disconnected.


~    You can take just as much as you need when you need it. You can contribute to limiting the overconsuming of our modern society and the abuse of land that is stripped and overused for mass production.


~    It is also an opportunity to connect you with your local land and your local plants. Get to know them, get to know your nature, your culture, your personal and local history! You will have sacred plans that your ancestors used on your land for cleansing. White sage and Palo Santa are from sacred lands and sacred traditions and each location has its own! If you continue to use tobacco, white sage, palo santo please do so with the respect, reverence and ritual that is required and given by the people and traditions of its land, and with the permission of the plant itself.


Just a few things to consider and I'm sure this is a discussion and thought train we need to keep on having!!


What are your thoughts? 🙂 Do you make your own sage sticks?

I love to use mugwort, sage, rosemary, rose petals, lavender - you can get so creative!!  


Do you have these feels about sage as well? Is it important to you? 




All of the sage I have collect is blessed in ceremony under the Full Moon and with Flower Essences and Holy Water. It is to sent to all my students who are beginning my membership programmes. More info here: Memberships 



Steps to make your own, as per my youtube video :) 

1). Grow and collect your own sage or other plant -ask permission to pick and use

2) While still fresh gather together at one end with string, or ribbon

3) Bind very tightly with the string or ribbon, rotating around the gathered herbs.

4) When you get to the end, I like to reverse and bind back down to the start and tie the loose end off there.  For this reason for the string you normally need 4 times the length of the sage.

5) You can trim the end and then hang somewhere warm and out of direct sunlight to dry.

6) You can decorate and all create any further ceremony or ritual to bring in your intention to the stick as well. You can even speak your intention for cleansing and clearing while binding the sage. 


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