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Prompt 4

Woohoo well here we are! Many celebrations for having had the most amazing Lammas! :D


We pass out of the Lammas portal following Tuesday 4th August. However, the Harvest Season lasts through until Autumn Equinox, where we transition again, this time into Fall.  

Here are a few follow-on activities for you over the next few days. Enjoy!


Continue to journal and make note of your dreams and any arising thoughts, feelings, emotions over the next week. Please share in the group if you need or want support or a space to express. Process isn't overnight, we work on deep levels during these immersions and there are so many layers. Patience, non-judgement and compassion for self are key. 

Activity 1

Connect with Apple Deeper

~ I invite to find a local orchard and go and visit! Immerse yourself in the apple trees and open to receiving their wisdom and essence. Sit under a tree and meditate for a while - who knows you might even have a Newton moment ;)


~ I really encourage you to be conscious over this coming season about the apples that you eat. Support local, find a local food farm. When you shop at the supermarket look at labels - Many in the U.K come from South Africa and New Zealand, just think of all those airmiles!!! It also seems crazy when we ARE the land of apples!

How can we support and connect with the local land by buying local? As well as deepening your connection to your place it will also help support our local economy rather than big supermarkets!! 

Activity 2

Grow your own apple tree!

(Or pear tree if you don't like apples.

Planting a tree can be a wonderful bridge between what came before and will continue beyond. There is something wonderful about growing along with something and leaving something that contributes behind once we are gone.

With mass deforestation and the destruction of resources being our biggest pandemic, planting trees is one of the great gifts that we can give back to the earth -  in gratitude, reverence and love 

1) Use the apple pips from our 3rd Gathering - Dance Healing or from the apple of your altar space. They will have been infused with your intension and the sun and moon energetics of the Celebration  

2) You will need to begin by germinating your seeds on a piece of damp kitchen towel or cotton wool.

3) You want to keep this damp, but not wet and somewhere fairly warm until the seeds begin to sprout,

4) You can then plant then first in a pot or direct in the ground. Somewhere they won't be disturbed and may endure generations of coming and going!  (I love to plant my in a pot with words of love and intention written on paper at the bottom and I add some moon charged rose quartz to the soil - create whatever ritual you like for your apple tree) 

5) Remember that if you want fruit from your tree you will need to learn how to graft these trees onto the rootstock of another apple tree (see difference between COX and domestic apples in Apple sharing) unless they are cox apple seeds - It is easier than it sounds honestly! 

Good luck and many blessings to your trees!! xxx

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