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Prompt 2


1) Make sure to Journal any reflections, insights, images etc. that came up during the Abundance Meditation. Share this on facebook if you feel called.

2) Make note of your dreams the following night and any further insights the following day. 

3) What did the meditation reveal to you about your connection the earth?


1) What are the branches and roots through which you receive and give? Is there anything you would like to change, grow, or develop? 

2) What can you uniquely give to the earth?

3) Gratitude lists - Answer at least 3 times

 - What do you gratefully receive from the earth now?

- What do you gratefully receive from yourself now?

- What do you gratefully receive from others now?


Create an Apple wand! 

Make an apple tree healing wand. You can place this on your altar/sacred space and we will travel with it and continue to use it on our journey. If you don't have any apple trees near you, or can't find one, then you can always use your creative side and draw/paint one and call in the essence of apple to your creation.

1) Lovingly ask for a branch or twig from an apple tree (crab apple is our ancient tree and domestic apple is modern)

2) It can be any size but be aware of taking too much. Leaves are ok, or you can take them off but unless you feel particularly called to do otherwise, please take a branch that isn't in fruit. However, you may want to take an apple for the same tree (but different branch) to eat, cut in half to see the seeds or place on the altar also.

3) Feel into whether you want to add any other herbs/flowers for protection.

4) You may want to write an affirmation or an intention on a piece of paper to wrap around the branch.

5) Tie the herbs and intention around the wand with string or ribbon.

6) If you feel called for any other ceremony then please do so!

What you will need:

- Paper and pen

- string or ribbon (yellow, or gold for Lammas would be great - but any colour is ok) 

- Appletree twig or small branch

- any extra herbs or decoration 

- something to cut the branch cleanly, rather than snapping

(again if you have children they will love doing this with you and can make their own wands!)

Here are my examples so you can visualise it.

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