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Pilgrimages & Day Retreats 

Full details of 2021 dates and venues released very soon!

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Minerva Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage & day retreat to the shrine of Goddess Minerva

UK Based- June 2021

Day 1:

~ Visit the Roman Shrine of Goddess Minerva 

~ Enjoy a guided Goddess Journey & Meditation to meet Minerva

~ Explore the myth, legends, gifts and teachings of the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, what they mean for you and how she can support you on your healing journey.


~ Optional full weekend extension to include an extra day of dance healing session and a surprise Roman experience!  

More info & book here

Winifred Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage & day retreat to the holy well of St Winifred

UK Based- April 2021

St Winifred's Well is known as the Lourdes of Britain, with its sacred waters having healed thousands since the Anglo-Saxon period.

Join us as we explore deeper beneath her story, to the woman that was murdered for speaking her truth, then rose from the dead to carve her own path.

Her story encourages us to speak our truth and make a stand for what we truly believe in.  

You will:

~ Learn about Winifred's story and what she can teach you. 

~ Journey back through time, through the layers of Medieval shrine, Roman shrine, all the way to ancient welsh myth & origins. 

~ Have the opportunity to bathe in and drink the healing waters. 

More info & book here

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