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Step through the Lions Gate Portal to
Embody & Activate your Lioness Self.

She who is CONFIDENT,
She who is PASSIONATE,

She who RESPECTS & HONOURS herself, her body, her dreams, desires & her path. 


Join Rachel & our online Community at Under the Dancing Tree School for the annual

Lions Gate Activation.

 You are invited to join us to reclaim and activate your Solar Feminine Power and Wisdom! 

July 24th - August 11th 

Hear the ROAR of your inner lioness as you activate your feminine power and wisdom with Egyptian Goddess guides Sekhmet, Ma'at, Isis and Sirius

You will join us as we journey through starscapes and the mysteries of ancient Egypt to receive insight, exploration and illumination. You will experience Goddess meditation & journey, movement meditation and embodiment and online community, as well journal and activity prompts and guidance.

20191105_095639 (2)_edited.jpg

Imagine if you could:

~ Have the confidence to show up for yourself and your heart's desires, and see the value of yourself, showing your incredible worth in both your thoughts & actions  (without the fear of rejection).
~ Find your energy and drive to passionately follow your purpose and gain clarity of your unique and sacred path.
~ Have the opportunity to be seen, head and self in a sacred container where you can explore your inner realms and be motivated and supported in transmuting pain to power
~ Activate your star codes to become a magnet to that which you wish to manifest, surrendering to the excitement and joy of knowing you can succeed, thrive and radiate!! 

What would all of this mean for you?

Are you ready to claim this now?

Are you willing to choose you?

It just takes you saying yes to you!

It can help you to access and understand your feminine power that has always been within, that is accessible and your truth but needs the allowance, belief and ignition that sisterhood, intention and presence can offer.

In this course you will:

~ Be guided to find confidence and belief in yourself 

~ Explore creating boundaries around yourself to ease the anxiety you may feel from fear of judgement or criticism of others. 
~ Be inspired to stand in self-respect and integrity, owning and staying centred in your truth, without feelings of guilt or shame.  


by dan edel.jpg

Artwork by Dan Edal

This is an experience to awaken your fierce & powerful sovereign self! 


~ 3 x LIVE 120minute Online Sessions via Zoom & the recording to keep forever! 

       1) Sirius Star Portal Activation & Guided Meditation

       2) Guided Journey with Goddess Ma'at

       3) Dance Healing & Movement Meditation with Goddess Sekhmet

+ Plus  1 x LIVE Optional 90minute Sister Sharing Moon Circle and Ceremony


As well as:

     ~ Online group for sisters connection & sharing

     ~  Portal for course materials (including recordings and journal/activity prompts)

     ~  OPTIONAL Flower & Goddess Essence Formula to take to support your journey (Value £22 )

" How much longer will you go on letting your energy sleep? How much longer are you going to stay oblivious of the immensity of yourself?" ~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Lions Gate Schedule 

Doors close for joining 23rd July 

Our Stargate Portal opens on 24th July  ~ LUNAR LAMMAS AND AQUARIUS FULL MOON
~ Access to event page, rescources and online community 

Wednesday 28th July

Sunday 1st August

Sunday 8th August

Wednesday 11th August 

Cosmic: The Lions Gate Portal Opens

Our Journey: Star Codes Activation with Sirius, Isis & Flower Essences

Cosmic: Ancient Egyptian New Year

Our Journey: Goddess Journey with MA'AT

Cosmic: 8/8 Lions Gate Peak

Our Journey: Embodiment and Dance Healing Movement Meditation with Sekhmet

Cosmic: 11/8 New Moon & 12/8 - Lions Gate Portal closes 

Our Journey: Guided closing ceremony under the guidance and energy of the New Moon - with opportunity to share your reflections, insights and experiences

Your Guides & What you will experience:
Activate Your Unique Star Codes with Isis

Journey with Isis and the Golden Rose to the Great Star Sirius to activate and receive your unique star codes & solar power! 
In the session you will explore and receive insight into your unique purpose and place in this lifetime. 
You  will recognise yourself as the embodiment of the divine and gain greater understanding as to how you have the power to manifest and create all you desire. 

Isis is The Great Mother Goddess of Egypt. She will assist you with acting as the midwife to your desires and needs. She will support you in recognsiing your own unique abilities to create and help you to recognise the power of your choices when made in alignment and with integrity. 
Sirius is the star of Isis & holds her unique healing energy. She is also believed to be our soul-star (just as our sun is our physical star) and holds the keys of your soul purpose.

Isis Artwork by Dahlia Khodur
goddess maat.jpg
Journey with Goddess Ma'at

A guided meditation & journey to receive the healing & wisdom of Goddess Ma'at on Solar Lammas & Egyptian New Year! 

Goddess Ma'at is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Justice, Truth and Balance. During this Guided Journey you will experience direct and 121 healing with Ma'at. She will support you with transforming and transmuting chaos to order. 
She will help you find the gems and gold within yourself life and heart, reminding you of your true value and worthiness. She will reflect your own light back to you, so you can see, accept and embrace your own wholeness and radiance.
sekhmet 2.jpg
Dance Activation and Sound Journey with Goddess Sekhmet

Enjoy a guided movement and sound journey to receive the healing & wisdom of Goddess Sekhmet. You will dance & move in the high & potent energy on the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal! 

Goddess Sekhmet is the Ancient Egyptian Lioness Goddess of Power and the Solar Feminine. She will support you with embodiment and discernment.
What is yours truly and what within you is from society, peers, inherited patterns, habits and wounding? How and what do you choose? She will help you clear all that is no longer needed with courage and a fierceness that empowers you to CLAIM THAT SACRED YES AND NO! 
Her fierce compassion will guide you to finding balance within and will protect you as you step into your light and shine!
Flower Essence Formula

Rachel offers you a Flower Essence Formula to support your journey. It is a unique combination of 8 different flower essences.

These flower essences has been chosen for their loving offering of helping you to:

~ Grow in confidence and self-belief
~ To embrace your deservibility of love, light and radiance.
~ To support you in claiming that what you have to say is worthy, true and important 
~ To support your energetic field and boundaries and return any energies that do not belong to you.
~Help you come into alignment with your truth and power. Awaken your ability to discern between what is in integrity with your heart and soul. 

Rachel collects & creates these essences by hand with loving and powerful intention to support and amplify your healing journey. Flower Essences are a high vibrational healing remedy that work with the soul of a plant.
Rachel uses moon activated with Welsh spring water & locally sourced Brandy in their creation.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but knowing that something is more important than it ~ Roosevelt 



We are sorry you missed out, but we will gather again next year!!







Lioness Event Pass


~ Full portal
~ Additional Flower Essence Formula


Sun  Event Pass
~ Full Portal only


Goddess Event Pass
~ Full Portal 
~ Additional Flower Essence Formula
~ Journey with Isis In-Person Half-Day Retreat in North Wales 15August 



  • All Live Calls will be at 7pm - 9pm BST ~ Recordings available within 24 hours 

  • Normal school refund policy applies - Read more here 

Earth Belly Dance-137.jpg

Who is your guide and facilitator Rachel?

Rachel is a sacred dance teacher, event leader and women's empowerment and self-love coach.

She is the founder and principal teacher of Under the Dancing Tree School of Sacred Dance and Healing .

Rachel facilitates events, workshops, courses and trainings online and in person which inspire, empower and support women in their devotion to self-love and their connection to the earth, nature and their sacred self. 

Rachel.combines her skills of sacred storytelling & healing with over 15 years of experience in teaching belly dance, sacred dance healing, meditation and women's empowerment and self-love coaching,

She has guided workshops, events and retreats around the U.K and worldwide, supporting women in their return to self-love and devotion.

She also has a deep respect for and interest in research in ancient history, with both a Degree and Masters in History & Anthropology with the Universities of Chester and Birmingham.

Find out more by visiting here

Choose you again, again and again, until you always become your answer!
~ Rachel of Under the Dancing Tree

Karnak Temple Light Show ~ Luxor 

You are made to reach for the stars! 

Sun Protection Shield 10minute Meditation with Rachel  



Rachel, thank you so much for yet again a truly wonderful workshop. 

It was both emotional and exhilarating!  I have taken so many good things away with me, not least the joy of connecting with other women and the strength and support both you and they have offered me. 

Once again I thank you and salute you for the difference you make in the world and my world'

~ Ch.M 


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