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Inner Dance Meditation


‘Inner Dance’ is a shamanic form of meditation and sound healing intended to allow participants to Trust, Surrender and Flow.


Depending on the participants ability to let go, they enter a deep meditative trance enabling a profound sense of expanded awareness from which:

  • deep healing (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) can occur

  • people’s own energies being allowed to flow, which sometimes can manifest as unconscious movement (hence the term inner dance)

When you are “being” the Inner Dance, you are living in flow and living a life of manifestation and synchronicity. In Inner Dance there are no rules, no boundaries, no levels, no matters, no students, no egos, no attachments . . . we are all just being. The Inner Dance experience creates a state of consciousness to yourself and the universe. It allows you to be and live your authentic self, without judgement and connect deeply with others. For many people Inner Dance is a life changing experience.


During the session you will lie down and Rachel using sound and intuitive word will take into a deep relaxation. The music and her words will take you on a journey from the left side of brain to the right side. Releasing conditions, thoughts, habits, expectations, patterns and surrendering into our intuition, creativity and dream space.

Often people find they want to dance and move alot and freely, others go into a deep sleep and sometimes you will experience a relaxing meditation, every one is unique and every time is different based on what you need in that time and space.

Experience the Inner Dance Meditation at one of Rachel's retreats or at a workshop near you! 

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