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Inanna's Descent


A 10 day online immersion into the myth, legend and gifts of Goddess Inanna

5th  - 14th November

SURRENDER to the Spiral of Transformation  

WALK BETWEEN WORLDS on a Journey & Meditations with Goddess Inanna 

EMBODY the Goddess of Heaven through Movement Meditation, Dance Healing and Ritual Practices. 

Join us for this 10 day Immersion, following Inanna on a path through the underworld for a journey of deep discovery and transformation.

As we retreat into the Autumnal turn of the Wheel, it is important to create space and time for allowance and letting go. We must find ourselves within the darkness, the unknown and the uncertainty and then from that point we can begin anew, emerging on the spiral of truth and purpose. In the darkness of our own underworld we find the value, the wisdom and the medicine in the meeting of light and dark, shadow and illumination. Here we affirm meaning and belonging. When we have searched the depths and the layers of self we can find discernment betwen heaviness and grounding, between surrender and holding on. 

At this time you may feel lost, uncertain and have a longing for finding home within yourself and for deeper connection, communication and consolidation.

Then come and find yourself within this archetypal myth that transcends time & space. It will draw you closer to understanding and support you in making conscious and resonant choices.   

On this path you will:

~ Discover and honour your inner depths, stripping away the veils of illusion

~ Invite in a renewed and strengthened sense of self and belonging

~ Experience the healing & nourishment of supportive community and sisterhood

~ Deepen into communication and connection with your inner realms; the light & the shadow, the known & unknown.


We come together at this time to find ourselves again. Amidst the chaos, pain, discomfort and unknown we reclaim our truth, sense of self and connection.


Our immersion includes:

~ Online Event page for access to all sharing, recordings and daily prompts

~ 5 x 2 Hour LIVE Sessions via Zoom 7-9 pm (British Time)

(with recordings available to watch at any time, as often as you want for 2 weeks following)  

~ 4 x Daily Journal, Activity & Ritual prompts, embodiment practices and further guidance and sharing. 

~ Optional support and sharing opportunities within a private facebook group 

LIVE Schedule:

Thursday 5th November

Inanna Descends

Our opening ceremony with guided meditation

Saturday 7th November

Deepening into Rites of Passage

A guided meditation with practices to discover who we are now, what we need & where we are going 

Monday 9th November

Goddess Journey with Inanna

A guided journey using storytelling and meditation to travel through the myth of Inanna

Thursday 12th November

Venus moves through her 6th Gate ~ Goddess Dance 

A guided dance meditation and healing to activate and embody the energies and archetype of Inanna

(No dance experience needed) 

Saturday 14th November

New Moon Celebration ~ Inanna Returned 

A guided meditation & closing ceremony

All Live sessions are scheduled from 7- 9pm British Time

Additional to this you will receive daily journal, ritual prompts and sharings to deepen your experience. These are optional to add extra layers to your journey.

~ Recordings and sharings and prompts will be available for you to catch up on any time within this time period, Attending live is recommended, though not essential.

No dance or meditation experience is needed. ~

This online retreat is an opportunity to enter a portal of possibility, to awaken to a sense of self and lean into a community and the support of a group where you feel seen and heard. We begin this journey symbolically after the portal of Samhain, which is the Celtic New Year. We will draw on these energies and that of the Moon and Venus to manifest and transform together, letting go of that we which we desire to shed and then preparing for your unique onward journey. 


Are you ready to receive and surrender to all that is now possible?

Flow with the rhythms of descent and rebirth?

Dismantle for greater creation?

Join us by

If you want to get in touch first to arrange a 30minute 121 Online Tea & Chat so you can meet me and discuss any questions or queries!

Cost: £88

Considerate of the unique circumstances of this year,

we are offering 3 scholarships for those that are on a very tight budget. By application only, which must be submitted by Sunday 25th October please!

Please message us here if this will support you or if you need a payment plan.

Payment must be made on booking and payment is non-refundable (but transferable at Rachel's discretion)

~ Doors Close Sunday 1st November ~

I look forward to gathering with you all in deep reverence and gratitude to all that is possible!

With love,



Who is Goddess Inanna?

Inanna is the principal Goddess of Ancient Mesopotamia. Her name means "giver of light" referring to her role as Queen of Heaven. 


She is the Goddess of war & love and the enforcer of divine justice.

She is the morning and evening star, Venus and it is her journey through the heavens that creates the Venus 5 pointed star.  

There remains images and sculptures of Inanna that date back to as far as 35,000 BCE. Her later manifestations include Ishtar and Aphrodite. 

full moon rachel.jpg

Who is your guide and facilitator Rachel?

Rachel has been deeply working with Inanna for the past 7 years and it was the Goddess Inanna that led her to begin her journey with and facilitation of storytelling as a healing medium.

Rachel.combines her skills of storytelling with 15 years of experience in teaching sacred dance healing, meditation and women's empowerment and self-love coaching, She also has a deep respect for and interest in research in ancient history, with both a Degree and Masters in History with the Universities of Chester and Birmingham.
The story of Inanna she has told to women all over the world at various retreats and workshops.

Find out more by visiting her website here

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