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Hathor Annoint! 

Welcome my love to this guided anointing and ritual activity with Goddess Hathor.

Hathor is the Egyptian Goddess of Beauty, love, pleasure, motherhood and joy! 

She is a powerful ally for supporting you with healing any woundings around your beauty, self-worth and acceptance of self.

This ritual is designed to be a moment for you to receive her love, wisdom and healing via short anointing ceremony.

You will have found this page via my 'How to Connect to Hathor' video on youtube. However, if you found this page via somewhere else please watch the video here for some background about Hathor and why we are connecting to her today. 

Why essential oils?

Hathor is a Goddess of beauty, pleasure and self-care/love. The temple of Hathor in ancient Egypt was thought to honour this by being the heart of the anointing mysteries in Egypt.

Anointing is an act of blessings, protecting and honouring that which is sacred and holy. It can also offer spiritual and physical cleansing, healing and dedication.

Anointing is the act of placing oils upon the body, these can be essential oils which contain the infusion of particular plants or flowers through distillation, or base oils which are oils also created from plants. 

There is a depiction in the temple of Hathor at Abu Simbel in Egypt of Hathor and Isis anointing Queen Nefetari on her forehead (image below)

The ancient Egyptians also had 7 sacred death oils used in the mummification process.


Annointing Ritual

I invite you now to partake in your own annointing ritual with Hathor, to ignite self-love, heal beauty wounds and deepen your connection to self. 

This ritual is only short and you can use it as a practice of self-love and self- care.


❤️ It is just 10 minutes long

❤️ You may want to use it daily or weekly or just as a one-off ritual on a special day, such as your birthday or valentines day

Here are your steps.

⭐ 1) Create your own essential oil blend. Use a base oil (such as almond or sesame) and add 10 drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of base oils. The essential oils you may want to use for Hathor connection, that were used by the ancient egyptians are: rose (for heart healing), frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cardamom, juniper - PLEASE make sure you check every oil first with consideration of any allergies, you may want to try a test patch first or consult a medical practitioner if you have any concerns) Have it ready fresh, or keep it in a darkened bottle, ready for use later.

⭐ 2) Designate a sacred time and place where you are comfy and won't be disturbed

⭐ 3) Seat yourself in front of a mirror, so that you can easily look into your own eyes

⭐ 4) When you are seated and ready listen to the audio below.

If you want you can listen at dawn or/and dusk, two times of day that are connected to her as mistress of the dawn and queen of the west.

Hathor Annointing Ritualwith Rachel
00:00 / 09:46

You may want to follow this ritual with listening to music, dancing or other self-care ritual or activities.

I hope you enjoy it and that it nourishes and supports you!

Sending with love and the blessing of Goddess Hathor,

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Also check out Rachel's books all about Goddess Mythology that share tips, tools and wisdom about the Goddess and how to connect with and embody her. 

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