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Goddess Demeter

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Introducing the Goddess of the Harvest herself, Demeter.


Demeter is the Earth Mother Goddess of Ancient Greece. She is a central Goddess in the Eleusinian Mysteries and is known as the Goddess of harvest, abundance, agriculture, grains, the fertility of the land, as well as sacred law, the mysteries and the giver of the cycles of life and death. 

She represents the cycles, phases and turning of life and calls within us to the places where we know what we must let go and what we must manifest. She reminds of the necessity for change but change from a place of compassionate joy in our achievements and accomplishments and a stepping forward with intention, purpose and trust.

Demeter holds safe and lovingly the places in which we are ready to give birth, to produce, to begin.

She offers us the blessing of possibility and potential, she offers us the support, the great love and encouragement of Mother. She holds your hand and celebrates you as you embark on new spirals within your life, every turn, every new pathway, pivot, ending and beginning, she is there to guide and nourish you.


Further Background.

Her name derives from Meter meaning Mother and Da meaning Earth or Dea, a Cretan word for grain, rye, spelt. She is the Mother, Earth Mother and Giver of food. 

In Roman Mythology she is known as Ceres, Anatolian Cybele, Bhumi in Hindi, Danu in Irish, Don in Welsh.

Goddess of the Poppies - Her sacred symbol pr emblem is the bright red poppy flower which graces the grain fields, in particular barley and whose seed head stands proud and full of fertility and the potentiality of its seeds. 


Her main theme in the Eleusinian Mysteries was the reunion of Persephone with her Mother Demeter from her abduction in the under/otherworld. This was symbolic of when new crops were reunited with the old seed ~ a continuation and turning of eternal cycles.

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