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Journey with Goddess Freya

A facilitated journey and meditation to explore the myths, legend, symbology and teachings of the Norse Goddess of Love and War, Freya.

Freya or Freyja is the Norse Warrior Goddess of Love, Celebration, Sensuality, Beauty and Passion and is often viewed at the most approachable of the Norse Gods!
Friday is named in her honour and she is often depicted with her cats, chariot and cloak of feathers.
I adore how in the myths and sagas she firmly makes a stand for what is right for her, she marks her boundaries and fiercely protects her position.
She calls us to be courageous and bold, especially in appreciating and celebrating our body and femininity.
She reminds us to fully embrace and enjoy our hearts desires.
How could she support you in discovering your courage when it comes to self-love?
How can she teach you to re- commit to yourself, your desires, longings and truth?

In the guided meditation I (Rachel ) lead you on a guided Meditation and journey that holds the energy and healing of Lunar Beltane. Using voice, sound, sacred storytelling and wisdom sharing this journey is for you to release all that no longer serves and embrace your power, sensuality, femininity and self-authority

You will:
~ Explore what balance means for you and with Freya find the keys to harmony and peace within yourself and your life
~ Learn how to stand in your personal power, grounded and liberated of any self-doubt or mistrust of self
~ Discover how you can be a warrior of love and a warrior of truth, and find the courage to love and affirm boundaries
~ Embrace your sensuality and sexuality and awaken and activate pleasure within your body and relationships

Come explore with me her story, myths, lessons, teachings and symbology.

This journey was recorded for Beltane 2021 and holds the energy of Beltane. HOWEVER, it can be enjoyed and listened to any time to connect with Freya. 

Please have with you:
~ A candle and lighter (a red candle would be extra potent)
~ A journal and pen for note-making after

Be in a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. You can be sitting or lying down, in darkness or outside.

Journey with Goddess Freya - with Rachel Roberts MP3
00:00 / 1:24:26
Enjoy and let me know how you got on. You can also share your experiences in our facebook community HERE
Any questions please just reach out.

Sending with love and many blessings, Rachel xx

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