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 Divine Feminine Rising      Retreat

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Empowering 4 day Retreat ~ Returning You to Self-love and Self-adoration

Awakening your Sacred Feminine

Take a journey to deeply reveal and explore the many faces of your feminine nature.

Discover new ways to reconnect with yourself, slowing down and exploring the expression of sweetness and beauty that you are in the world.

Do you allow your emotions to flow through you in a healthy way?
Do you give yourself permission to enjoy your sensuality?
Do you nurture yourself by taking time to rest and play?

Do you want to explore ways to bring joy, creativity, sensuality in your life?

Whether you are dancing in the glow of your own divine light and up for exploring a little deeper and celebrating you….

Or if you are just wanting, yearning for some authentic and honest life-changing nurture from yourself….

I have an invitation for you 🙂

Come join in 4 days of immersion in embodying and awakening your sacred feminine. Facilitator Rachel will lead you on a journey where you will explore how to nurture your body, heart, and soul and move, dance, meditate, create, question, answer, explore, seek all the wonders, possibilities, and loveliness that is you.


You will connect to your scared energies through movement, sound healing, meditation, self-inquiry, discussion circles, ritual, and the sensual and fun medium of candlelit awakened belly dance. 

Thursday to Sunday  ~ May 

Location - North Wales

Limited to 10 women

Postponed to Spring 2021 - Applications will reopen in October

Download full brochure here

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