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Red Flower
Red Flower

Awakened Bellydance

‘Awakening the Womb in the Dreamtime’

An Invitation for a Transformational Journey into Your Bellydance Power….


Awakened Bellydance™ is a multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which travels far beyond the realms of the usual Bellydancer. It is perfect for all women who have an interest in movement for healing. An intuitive remembrance and reclaiming of your sovereign dancer transports you into intuitive flow and surrender through a heightened awareness of the body, mind and emotions as energy when you move with intention.

Creating a respectful, supportive sisterhood is paramount whilst gently and organically leading you on an authentic path to self-discovery. Using traditional Middle Eastern dance techniques, Sacred dances from around the world, breath and energy work, meditation, yoga and conscious communication. We naturally raise our vibration as we dance into our divine self.

Bellydance is a captivatingly beautiful dance filled with mystery and sensuality. Like Yoga it has been around for thousands of years, it has the capability to integrate feminine and masculine energies into the body bringing a person into wholeness and out of the bondage imposed by the self and society.


Kundalini energy is activated through hip and belly based movements as we align with the geometric spirals of the universe. This creates a womb filled with power which if nurtured can lead to infinite potential and manifestation. However, in modern times as the origins and secrets of Bellydance have faded into ‘his-story’ dancers can also experience the shadow dancer as energy can stagnate and become trapped within the lower chakras manifesting in control, judgment, competition, structure, conditioning and ego.


Dancing through our own perceived blockages within individual and collective journeys we move into soul resonance. Observing what we need to heal, learn and dream we will explore and experience our innate power.  This deep knowing is a powerful tool for self-empowerment.

As we connect authentically to the self we embody and activate the womb; the heart of Bellydance and a sacred vessel for your Kundalini energy.

Each woman’s womb contains all of creation since time began.
Every woman, past, present & future are connected in this way, and even if you no longer have a physical womb, it is a blueprint that we hold as a collective.

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When we bring awareness, compassion, integration and light to the shadow self we give our bodies permission for expression, freedom and joy. Connecting womb to heart to de-program, restructure, unlearn and activate our bodies’ energetic pathways. As we acknowledge and surrender our conditioning, control, the ego and trauma; life can also be fulfilling, self-healing and filled with love! 


This is an invitation to experience You – to embrace your Awakened Bellydancer! She who moves through the veil and removes it with heart and soul! Perfect for all those who wish to integrate and rejoice in their absolute and deepest divine femininity whilst unashamedly claiming the Being they were born to be! 

Absolutely no bellydance or dance experience necessary, just an open heart to Be...

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Awakened Bellydance ~ 7 Month Course

With Rachel          March ~  September 2022

We will join together to experience the Awakened Belly Dance Meditation, meeting once a month either Online or -In-Person, or both!!

The course involves 1 session a month of 2.5 hours, over 7 months. This is complemented by additional, and optional experiences as shared below! 

Each of the sessions is dedicated to a chakra for healing, clearing, activating and empowering.

We begin at the ROOT CHAKRA with the first session and journey through to the CROWN CHAKRA


Join us


⭐ IN-PERSON at Parkfields Community Centre, Ash Grove, Mold, Flintshire, North Wales.


⭐ ONLINE via Zoom 




~ For in-person workshops there are two options

1) Sunday afternoons    1 - 3:30pm 


2) Sunday evening     7 - 9:30pm 

Dates are:

Sunday 6th March  ~ Root Chakra

Sunday 3rd April ~ Sacral Chakra

Sunday 1st May ~ Solar Plexus Chakra

Sunday 12th June ~ Heart Chakra

Sunday 3rd July ~ Throat Chakra

Sunday 7th August ~ 3rd Eye Chakra

Sunday 4th September ~ Crown Chakra



We will meet once a month for 60minutes on a weekday and sessions will be recorded to catch up in your own time.

Your online experience will begin on the 2nd March with a weekly email including your recording to experience that month's chakra. We also begin ROOT in March. 


We have 3 possible ways to participate in this course:

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In-Person Only

What's Included:

❤ 7 x Monthly In-person sessions in Mold

( 2hr 30mins each)

❤ Access to private Facebook and SIGNAL group for community & sharing



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Online Only

What's Included:

❤ 7 x Monthly Online Dance Movement Sessions via Zoom (60mins each)


All the following are delivered to your inbox one per week, over each month and uploaded to an online platform, so you can access them at your own time.

❤ 7 x Pre- Recorded Chakra themed Flower Essence Healing Guided Meditations

❤ 7 x Pre- Recorded Chakra themed Goddess Healing Guided Meditations (with 7 Egyptian Goddesses)

❤ Access to private Facebook and SIGNAL group for community & sharing



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Online & In-Person

What's Included:

❤ 7 x Monthly In-person sessions in Mold ( 2hr 30mins each)


(as per Online option)

❤ 7 x Pre- Recorded Chakra themed Flower Essence Healing Guided Meditations

❤ 7 x Pre- Recorded Chakra themed Goddess Healing Guided Meditations (with 7 Egyptian Goddesses)

❤ Access to private Facebook and SIGNAL group for community & sharing



Additional Flower Essence Remedy Formulas 


In addition to the options above you can also receive the transformation experience of powerful support from Flower Essences. You will need to book this directly with Rachel.

You will receive 7 x 30ml formulas, exclusively created by Rachel to support the healing of each chakra. Each formula contains Flower and Tree Essences that are especially aligned with the resonance of a particular chakra, as well as essences for protection.

You will take this formula 3 drops 3 times a day during the month of the specific chakra. 

🌸 Online (Includes additional P & P) ~ Investment:  £111  

Sent to you every 2 months

🌸 In-Person  ~ Investment: £99

Given to you monthly at our in-person sessions) 

Flower Essences are a high vibrational remedy created to your support your mind, body and soul healing. 

Each Flower Essence has UNIQUE healing and message for you!

When combined into a formula specifically designed for you and your needs, desires and dreams, they are LIFE CHANGING!

Find out more about Flower Essences, what they are, how they work and how they can support you HERE


If you pay any option in full you will also receive access

to a FREE 90minute 'Introduction to Belly Dance' Online Workshop to be held LIVE with Rachel in March 2022 via Zoom.


This is a dance technique workshop and will be recorded for you to keep, It will be suitable for complete beginners and or those that want a recap of some Egyptian style dance basics.  


BOOK your place now NOW

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In-Person Only

AFTERNOON SESSIONS Book by Clicking here


Book by Clicking here

Only 8 spaces remaining  - as of 3rd February

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Online Only

Untitled design (1).png

Online & In-Person

(or while places last!) 

Spaces In-person at Mold are limited to 10 women.
Spaces for the online course are unlimited.

FAQ's and Refunds Policy are included at the bottom of this page.

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Testimonial AWBD ~ a pearce.png
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Your Guide


Who is your guide and facilitator Rachel?

Rachel is a sacred dance teacher, event leader, women's empowerment and self-love coach.

She is the founder and principal teacher of Under the Dancing Tree School of Sacred Dance and Healing. She began teaching in 2006.

Rachel facilitates events, workshops, courses and training's online and in-person which inspire, empower and support women in their devotion to self-love and their connection to the earth, nature and their sacred self. 

Rachel combines her skills of sacred storytelling & flower essence healing with over 15 years of experience in teaching belly dance, sacred dance healing, meditation and women's empowerment and self-love coaching,

She has guided workshops, events and retreats around the U.K and worldwide, supporting women in their return to self-love and devotion.

She also has a deep respect for and interest in research in ancient history and Goddess Mythology, with both a Degree and Masters in History & Anthropology with the Universities of Chester and Birmingham.

Rachel qualified as an Awakened Belly Dance facilitator in 2017, a format created by Katie Holland of Sirius Retreats, Trainings & Adventures.

Find out more about Rachel, and her qualifications and experience, by visiting here

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Q: I can't attend every session is that ok?

If you know you are definitely going to miss more than 2 sessions I would recommend that you do not attend the course as you will miss too much! Alternatively, join the Online Course instead!
If you will be missing 1 or 2 sessions that is fine, but I will need to know the dates ASAP.

If for some reason you can't make an afternoon or evening session, you can swap to the other session on that day. I am leaving 1 space available each month for this to happen if needed ~ first come first serv

Please note, you will not receive a refund, or discount for any sessions missed or not attended.

COMMITMENT IS important, to both yourself and the sisterhood we will be creating. We ask that you turn up and show up for yourself and all that is possible. You may find some weeks tougher than others, and life can get crazy but YOU deserve your loyalty, dedication and devotion. It is time to show it and offer it to yourself- CLAIM your worth and value, you deserve this nourishing experience. 

Q: I want to just try first, how can I do that?
It will cost £20 for that one session. If you choose to join the course following, it will cost £99 

Q: I can't manage the payment, can I pay in instalments?
We completely understand! 
and the answer is Yes. You can pay in the following instalments:

Online Only
Two Instalments of £60

£60 due by 28th February
£60 due by 31st March

In-person Only 
Two Instalments of £60

£60 due by 28th February
£60 due by 31st March
In-Person attendees can also pay for their Flower Essence Formula monthly at £15 per month

Both Online and In-person
Two instalments of £100

£100 due by 28th February
£100 due by 31st March

You must apply for this by contacting Rachel directly! 

Q: I have no experience of belly dance, is this still suitable for me?

Yes most definitely. No dance, meditation, or belly dance experience is needed. This is not a technique class so you will not be learning any moves as you would in a weekly belly dance class. You will be moving intuitively, allowing the freedom of expression in your body, with Rachel facilitating and guiding you.

If you are unsure of your physical ability due to illness or injury please chat with Rachel first before booking

Awakened Belly Dance is different to Inner Dance and Earth~ Soul Dance that we also offer in that we dance together in this course as a community. It can involve partner work, group dancing and celebration and Rachel will lead you, demonstrating and guiding movement, moves and expression. She will advise and show you HOW to move while leaving room for individual expression. 

Q: How much time can I expect to spend on this course?

A little or as much as you desire.
However, these are the minimum hours expected.

In-Person only
2.5 hours Workshop once a month

Online only
Approximately 3-4 hours of content per month, 1 hour a week.

Additional to this is any time you may spend journaling, reflecting or connecting with the other women in the group and in implementing any self-care and love activities inspired by the course. 


Refunds are conditional with the following conditions in place.

~ Drop-in sessions for Chakra Root (6th March) and Chakra Sacral (3rd April) are no-refundable with no exceptions
~ If you book the 7-month course (whether via instalments or via full payment) you will only be offered the following, no exceptions.

Before attending Root Chakra First session ~ 80 % refund ~ covering 20% Admin fee

(e.g for Full payment of £111, you would be refunded £89
For instalment payment you would be refunded 80% of the amount already paid)

After attending Root Chakra session ~ Only 50% refund
(e.g for Full payment of £111, you would be refunded £55
For instalment payment, you would be refunded 50% of the amount already paid)

Any questions at all please contact Rachel here

I look forward to dancing with you soon! xx

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What People Say

I attended Rachel’s chakra belly dance course and found it one of the most profound and healing courses I have ever had the pleasure of taking. Everyone there shared their experience and we became a supportive sisterhood – I felt I could say what I needed to say without judgement or fear, knowing I had the encouragement of the other women in the group, we laughed, cried and shared our life's journey, helping us move forward each week. I threw myself into the experience and gave it my all to heal and open each chakra, feeling the energy of each chakra, actually physically and move the things that need to be healed, “letting it go” and making each wheel spin and become brighter. the freedom and creativity you experience is beautiful. Rachel is such an amazing facilitator who knows when to say and do what is needed at the right time, knowing its all about YOUR journey, YOUR healing and YOUR experience. By the end of the course i was both exhausted and revitalised – a true rebirth, like I had “refound” a part of me that was lost. My new found courage, confidence and creativity has come through in every aspect of my life, everyone has noticed and complemented on how happier, bright and secure I am, I recommend this for everyone

Ruth May

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