Awakened Bellydance

A candlelit dance meditation

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Awakened Bellydance is multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which travels far beyond the realms of the usual Bellydancer.

It is perfect for all women who have an interest in movement for healing.


An intuitive remembrance and reclaiming of your sovereign dancer transports you into intuitive flow and surrender through a heightened awareness of the body, mind and emotions as energy when you move with intention.

Creating a respectful, supportive sisterhood is paramount whilst gently and organically leading you on an authentic path to self-discovery. Using traditional Middle Eastern dance techniques, Sacred dances from around the world, breath and energy work, meditation, sound healing and conscious communication. We naturally raise our vibration as we dance into our divine self.

Bellydance is a captivatingly beautiful dance filled with mystery and sensuality. Like Yoga it has been around for thousands of years, it has the capability to integrate feminine and masculine energies into the body bringing a person into wholeness and out of the bondage imposed by the self and society. Kundalini energy is activated through hip and belly based movements as we align with the geometric spirals of the universe. This creates a womb filled with power which if nurtured can lead to infinite potential and manifestation. However, in modern times as the origins and secrets of Bellydance have faded into ‘his-story’ dancers can also experience the shadow dancer as energy can stagnate and become trapped within the lower chakras manifesting in control, judgment, competition, structure, conditioning and ego.

Dancing through our own perceived blockages within individual and collective journeys we move in soul resonance. Observing what we need to heal, learn and dream we will explore and experience our innate power. Rachel will guide and share her extensive knowledge instilling a gentle confidence inspiring you to continue on your transformational path of ‘dancenlightenment’. This deep knowing is a powerful tool for self-empowerment, propelling you forward on your visionary soul path which you can then share with others in your own Awakened Bellydance classes.

As we connect authentically to the self we embody and activate the womb; the heart of Bellydance and a sacred vessel for your Kundalini energy. Each woman’s womb contains all of creation since time began - past relationships, old patterns, traumatic births, wounds, problem periods and sexual abuse. That’s yours and every woman that we hold as a collective.

When we bring awareness, compassion, integration and light to the shadow self we give our bodies permission for expression, freedom and joy. Connecting womb to heart to de-program, restructure, unlearn and activate our bodies’ energetic pathways. As we acknowledge and surrender our conditioning, control, the ego and trauma; life can also be fulfilling, self-healing and filled with love! 

This is an invitation to experience You – to embrace your Awakened Bellydancer! She who moves through the veil and removes it with heart and soul! Perfect for all those who wish to integrate and rejoice in their absolute and deepest divine femininity whilst unashamedly claiming the Being they were born to be! 

Experience Awakened Belly Dance at one of Rachel's retreats.

And we also hold 7 LIVE in-person sessions a year in Mold, Conwy or a location near you! Get in contact! 

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What People Say

I attended Rachel’s chakra belly dance course and found it one of the most profound and healing courses I have ever had the pleasure of taking. Everyone there shared their experience and we became a supportive sisterhood – I felt I could say what I needed to say without judgement or fear, knowing I had the encouragement of the other women in the group, we laughed, cried and shared our life's journey, helping us move forward each week. I threw myself into the experience and gave it my all to heal and open each chakra, feeling the energy of each chakra, actually physically and move the things that need to be healed, “letting it go” and making each wheel spin and become brighter. the freedom and creativity you experience is beautiful. Rachel is such an amazing facilitator who knows when to say and do what is needed at the right time, knowing its all about YOUR journey, YOUR healing and YOUR experience. By the end of the course i was both exhausted and revitalised – a true rebirth, like I had “refound” a part of me that was lost. My new found courage, confidence and creativity has come through in every aspect of my life, everyone has noticed and complemented on how happier, bright and secure I am, I recommend this for everyone

Ruth May