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Journey with Goddess Aphrodite

Guided LIVE Beltane Journey with Goddess Aphrodite and Pomegranate Essence with Rachel
~ Re-Connection to the Wombspace to remember the Power of your Sacred Blood and Empowering, Embracing and Celebrating the Feminine within and without ~

~ You will be guided by Rachel and emerge from the sea with Aphrodite to awaken and reignite your sensuality and passion for life and yourself.
You will be invited to experience her healing as she will dance with your soul and bless you with her sacred medicine.

PLEASE NOTE: That although this recording was made LIVE at Beltane 2022 and does contain the energies of Beltane, it can be enjoyed and experienced ANYTIME, any day, any time of the year- whenever you want to connect to Aphrodite and her wisdom and healing!

For those watching the recording:
~ Have with you a candle and a journal, be somewhere comfy and optional bring Pomegranate Flower Essence or anointing oil (you can purchase both from me)
~ The recording is around 60 minutes, so please be comfy and in a place you won't be disturbed.

Enjoy dear ones and let me know your biggest takeaway or insight, either via DM or in our facebook group here.
Much love, Rachel xxx

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Also check out Rachel's books all about Goddess Mythology that share tips, tools and wisdom about the Goddess and how to connect with and embody her. 

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